Have you ever heard of a CUBICLE SCHEME❓

Time for a Side Hustle?

?? Cucumber or the 9-5 gring – They are a big fat BUMMER!!! ??
? They CONTROL 8+ hours of 5 days of YOUR week, EVERY week, for 30-40 years (at least!!!)
? They control WHAT you do and WHEN you do it. They can put you on a guilt-trip for calling in sick!????
? They control how much TIME you get to spend with your family or doing things you enjoy. They control when and if you go on vacation. And when you go to lunch! ?
? They control your EARNING POTENTIAL.
? They view you as DISPENSABLE, and once you retire from a cubicle scheme, your earning potential comes to a screeching HALT and you are forced to live on a fraction of what you’re accustomed to…for the REST of your life


When was the last time you truly felt 100% SEEN, HEARD, APPRECIATED, + POWERFUL? When we enter into sacred community with other women, we are able to be seen in our wholeness, power, + greatness, and that is reflected back to us to reaffirm how we see ourselves.

We should learn to see ourselves as limitless beings with an infinite capability to create anything we can envision, absolutely anything is possible. Like… literally… ANYTHING, no matter how crazy it may seem to you. If you can see it, you can create it. And when you have a team of women around you who can ALSO see the vision, and uphold it with you and for you when you need to be reminded in the moments of doubt, you are unstoppable.

Looking for a PLAN B?? Ready to think OUTSIDE the “Cube”? ?? We should chat!!
What If…….



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