Are You Using  Social Media The Right Way To Build Your Business?

Did you know there are 2,700.089 billion people on social media? Thats 40% of the population.

What if I told you most networkers are not doing it right.Most people go onto social media to relax, catch up and feel connected. They are not on social media to be “sold”. So how can you use social media for business then?

First, lets find your Target Audience – Someone you are speaking directly to, you know them down to the toothpaste they use. Zoom in on who would want to know about your product or service:


Follow Follow these 7 Tips To Use When Building A Social Media Audience:

1. Make a decision to build it, meaning decide how many times a day, week, month you will be posting value and sharing yourself and STICK WITH IT!!
2. Figure out who your audience is and go where they are in groups to post and on your personal page.
3. Commit to VALUABLE POSTS on groups and personal page – NO Links, NO Products just value.
4. Reach out, interact and connect when you receive likes and comments.
5. When you reach out, ask good questions and lead them to where you want them to go to learn more about you or your product/service.
6. Know how you want to close them once you have taken them on the journey.

7. DUPLICATE, DUPLICATE, DUPLICATE – Coach your team to do the same.

If you are not sure who you want to attract, follow a couple top leaders and see what they are doing and who they are attracting. See what struggles they talk about and give solutions for, see what they like to share, see what they talk about and who they are talking to.

Just Remember….

Stop being focused on where you are or were. Your obstacles are part of your journey

. ~Ray Higdon~

I will be sharing next blog about How to create a strong profile on Facebook and Linkin.
I want to thank a couple of my mentors: Ray and Jessica Higdon for the value they provide, if you want to learn more on how to build a social media presence, I would start at   http://Whatisrankmakers.com

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