Sunscreen Truth:  Is It All Created Equal??

Sunscreen is good, right?  How many of you used to think baby oil was the go to for being out in the sun?  I am so guilty of this.  I grew up on the river and never appreciated what a good sunscreen could do to protect my skin.  If I only new then what I know now.


I am an avid soccer player and am outdoors with my camera the rest of the time.  I am careful to reapply sunscreen every 2-5 hours or when I can.  It truly has helped me maintain my skin that I have worked so hard to repair from my teenage/young adult years gone by.  My favorite is the Reverse #4 (yellow).  Not only does it give me the best protection ever, but it has a mositurizer in it and makes my skin feel amazing.  All of these are mineral based without it feeling heavy on your skin.  Love, Love, Love:

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When choosing a sunscreen there are things you should know:

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OXYBENZONE is in 80% of all sunscreens. OXYBENZONE stimulates estrogen production. It is in debate as an endocrine disruptor. Not good for sensitive skin , and especially not good for people fighting breast cancer. Pull out those sunscreens in your household and check the ingredients! Now google it….

NONE of Rodan+Fields sunscreen products contain OXYBENZONE! It feels good knowing you can SLATHER on your R+F Sunscreen and protect your skin…safely!

All Rodan + Fields sunscreens have been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. This designation is only granted to sun protection products that meet stringent criteria, and provide scientific data to demonstrate that the product sufficiently, and safely, aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.

Take care of the skin you are in.

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