A third of women go to sleep at least 2X a week without washing off their name-up off.

Ever find yourself tempted to skip your nightly skincare routine and fast-forward to dreamland? You’re not alone. A UK survey, as reported in the Daily Mail, found that a third of women go to sleep at least twice a week without cleansing their face, and 75 percent of readers in New Beauty admitted they’ve done this too. But sleeping in your makeup can lead to some not-so-pretty consequences for your skin, inside and out.

When a Daily Mail reporter decided to see what would happen if she abstained from cleansing her face at night over a 30-day period, her skin became extremely dry and sensitive, her eyelashes fell out in clumps and her pores grew by 5 percent. She also developed “eyelash dandruff.” The reporter noted that wrinkles on the sides of her face had grown worse, possibly due to her drying talc-based makeup.

Skipping your pre-bedtime face wash may not only cause you to look older, it could lead to problems that run more than skin deep. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology in June 2015, heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium found in cosmetic products may act directly on the skin or be absorbed through the skin into the blood, where they can accumulate in the body and exert toxic effects in various organs.

Why risk it? Help your skin stay healthy and get the most out of your ‘beauty rest’ by washing your face before you snooze. For best results, use a cleanser designed to address your unique skin concerns—wrinkles, acne, redness or discoloration. In a pinch, remove makeup with REDEFINE Eye Cloths, which deposit anti-aging peptides to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness.


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