6 Social Media Tips to Get Better Exposure:

Exposure on Social Media changes all the time with who can see your posts and when.  If you focus on just a few things and do them consistently you dont need to worry about the changes around you, your audience will find and follow you.


When taking social medial seriously there are a couple of things you want to make sure of so your audience knows you are a professional:

  1. Your personal profile:  Make sure you have a professional looking picture that looks like you. People follow people they know, like, trust and recognize.  Go through your posts, make sure you do not have too much business and that people see you and who you are.  People do not go to facebook to be sold, the go to be entertained.

2. Be consistent.  I post 3-4 time a day using the following posting guidelines.

A. First thing in the AM – Inspire and add value – be a source of inspiration.

B:  Share yourself: Favorite, recipe, place to eat, etc.

C. Lifestyle post of you doing something you love.

D.  1 of the following: Business post, product post or you elevating a team-mate or achievement post.

3. Celebrate others:  Welcome people to your team publicly, share milestones, successes and shout out to new facebook friends you meet.  Make people feel good.

4.  STAND OUT!   Be the GO TO person in your industry.  Set yourself apart.  Make your own content and be your own voice.



5.  No negative posting:  You will attract what you are putting out.  If you are having a bad day, find another way to soothe your soul, don’t look for negative attention online.

6. Position yourself as the leader you are!  Be the leader you would want to follow.

Influencers use social medial to draw people in and to engage the community, elevate, empower and serve.  Here is some additional info: https://www.mynewsite34.sg-host.com/using-social-media-right-way/

Remember, social media is an extension of your office, if you treat it like a job it will pay you like a job.

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Tips & Tricks: https://www.mynewsite34.sg-host.com

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