Serving others:

When you are serving others you learn about yourself in the process. Think about some of the service activities you may be involved in. What qualities does it take to be a part of that activity? If you serve in a soup kitchen you must be pleasant to the clients and willing to do hard work like preparing the large meal or cleaning up afterward; you must learn compassion for the clients who find themselves in the food line each night; you must tap into your humility and gratitude in the fact that you are probably coming from better economic circumstances than the clients. The experience is about more than just “showing up” to do the job it’s how you relate and serve. People will always remember how you treat them.

To me, this means that in order to be the best person you can be, you should focus on finding ways to serve others to help them find solutions to their needs, even if it does not benefit you. https://www.mynewsite34.sg-host.com/attracting-the-right-people-to-you/
Putting your agenda behind you and focusing on their needs and really listening to them makes you better equipped to offer a solution to their problems. They will come to like, know and trust you and will turn to you for service when it is right for them. In serving others, you find out more about yourself and help others in the process. Being selfless can often be the best way to be happy.

Not everyone is on my same timeline and part of providing great service is to respect their time and support them and stay connected until they are ready to hear about the service you can provide for them. When I was ready I jumped in, this is my story
Service isn’t always for the products or opportunity that you can provide, service can be to lend an ear, Lend a hand, and be a genuine friend and confidant to someone in need.
Good deeds and a good human heart go along way in this business. When you stop making it about yourself and truly listen to the people around you, your business will grow.

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