Why you need retinol in your daily routine.

Consistency may be key with skin care routines, but if you aren’t using a retinol, you really, really should be. Not convinced? Here are some reasons that might revert your thinking on this gold-standard staple:

It Can Improve Your Skin
Simple may be better for some areas of beauty, but for ingredients, go with what works. “Some of my patients proudly declare they only use cold cream and cool water on their face. My response is, ‘Why?’ We know that vitamin C and retinol/retinoic acid actually improve skin quality,F says Las Vegas plastic surgeon Goesel Anson, MD. “These are important additions to most skin care

Research shows that these vitamin-A derivatives speed cell turnover and collagen growth to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and fade brown spots. “Prescription-strength retinoids provide the fastest results — you’ll start to see changes in about a month. Milder over-the-counter versions (look for the word ‘retinol’) are gentler, although it can take up to three months to see noticeable results,” says New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD.

It Helps With Acne
Because it has the ability to get into pores and unclog them, retinoids make your skin look brighter. An added bonus: Because of this pore-perfecting ability, they also help with acne!

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