Holy cow look what they’ve done now!

New products released from Rodan +  Fields is now able to reach a whole new demographic by allowing me to be able to share skin care with young adults who don’t necessarily have skin care problems but who want the benefits of gorgeous beautiful skin.



This  New product released from Rodan + Fields is a regimen is designed specifically for the needs of 20-something skin. Easy 3 steps with built in makeup remover AND primer! Yessss girl!!!

Clinically-demonstrated to visibly improve skin from first use while defending against visible signs of stress.

Reveal and maintain your healthiest-looking skin, Powered by R+F’s proprietary Electric5 Complex with:






Acts as a nutrient-rich super vitamin to boost skin’s defences against everyday stressors.



Our  New product released from Rodan + Fields is a proprietary Electri5 Complex, a unique blend of breakthrough RFA+ Antioxidant Technology coupled with Electrolytes, Peptides, Prebiotics, and Superfruits. In perfect combination, these ingredients act like a powerful, nutrient-rich vitamin to supercharge 💪🏼and visibly improve skin from first use!

3 steps in the am

2 steps at night

Available October 1st for PCs!

Message me to get on the waiting list or comment below!

 But wait, there’s more!

Another new product released from Rodan + Fields is a FABULOUS NEW skincare tool!!

I’m a SUCKER for a dermatology tool that can sit on MY bathroom counter❤️


Pore cleansing, blackhead removing goodness.  Where you can literally watch this little tool suck out oil, dirt and yuck from 10,000 of your tiniest pores AND blackheads! 

✨How it Works

The tool has two separate heads:

One that removes clogged pores

One that removes and suctions out blackheads

With our beautiful and sleek pore cleansing MD system, we are bringing professional-quality pore cleansing right to your door.

Our doctors saw a need and they came through! The doctors developed a tool they use in their office that we can use at home!!

✔️Say goodbye to Blackheads!

✔️Say goodbye to clogged pores!!

  Saving the best for last.

I am honored to announce not only the new products released from Rodan +  Fields  but our next global launch date into Japan in spring 2021!  I will now be able to share skin care the more demographic region abroad.  What could this mean for you? It means there has never been a better time to partner with me… Not only is  they’re incredible opportunity in the USA, Canada and Australia but we are now at the beginning stages of global expansion with Japan being our first stop.   I am part of something I cannot explain to you it’s more than just skin care it’s community, it’s giving back, it’s changing lives and it’s definitely fueling my soul.

What is important now…

I want to share some of my convention weekend with all of you in the gallery below.   Myself along with my daughter started our pre-convention celebration off with summit- a celebration that spoiled,  pampered and recognized us for being leaders in the company. Not only was I recognized here but I was recognized by being one of the TOP 40 in the company who personally recruited and had volume that stood out enough to get me a private invitation to meet the doctors.  I shared my story with them and how I am serving and helping youth homelessness and sex trafficking victims here in my community-  all because of their generous spirits that gave us the ability to stand up, stand out and make a difference I am looking to expand my team and my brand and if any of this looks intriguing to you message me and let’s set up a time to see if this may or may not be a good fit for you.   I am looking for women who want to make a difference, who want to give back, stand out and help others achieve their greatness all while creating a better situation for themselves and their families. Take a chance on yourself my friends, the best is yet to come! As always if you’d like to start with the products let’s get you a skin consultation and see  what products will suit you best. The new products will be available October 1!    Get on my ⭐️⭐️VIP waitlist⭐️⭐️ Thank you for stopping in! I appreciate you very much! The best compliment you could give me is to like, comment and share. Not sure what products are best for you: Take my FREE Skin Assessment Test: Enjoy my journey, lets create your own.


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