5 tips on becoming a network marketing professional.

5 initial extremely important tweaks that you may have overlooked, that if you didn’t know, would make it impossible for you to build your business this year without some course correction…

Trying to go “fast” with people will make your business go ultra SLOOOOWWW….

Slow Is Fast. Fast Is Slow:
If you hate going at a slow, painful pace, then don’t go “fast” with your prospects and customers. These days, everyone is trying to sell something on the internet, so when you try to go fast, and you don’t care to build a relationship and probe for some powerful ways to provide real value for others, your business will move extremely slow.

If you’re doing a spam post that with before and after pics, and pictures of products, saying “lose weight, ask me how” and “private message me”, you’re going to continue to get absolutely no engagement from your network. I see thousands and thousands of people out there with not even a single “like” on their Facebook pages! It’s so bad that it’s almost like when they post, they’re posting in a different language!

However, if you come with value first, (with no strings attached), and go slow with people, (building a real relationship first), you’ll actually go fast because they’ll trust you – and people only buy from people they trust. They also only join people they know, like, and trust. The more value you provide, the more “credit” you build with people – (credibility) – and your business will go fast! People who have credibility, who provide value to people, (their network), do very well.
Now, all day every day, everyone is trying to be interesting on Facebook, right? … “Hey look at me, look at me, I’m interesting!! I have something interesting!” as they bang them over the head with it! LOL

So how do you differentiate?
You must be interested! I am curious to know more about them! How can I even help someone if I don’t know what they want, especially on a deeper level? And I mean what they really want, deep down inside! You must ask questions when you post. Show you care about THEM!

If you don’t get to know them, then you only know what YOU want, and trust me, they don’t care what you want. At #4 below, I’ll also talk about how and why they don’t care what your product or awesome company is either! Leading to…

“Selling” Vs. Enrollment (into something for their own reasons):
Even though we think the products/service of our company are the greatest things in the world known to man and “everyone needs it”, the fact is, it’s not interesting to them… YET.

Saying, “Lose weight, ask me how” or “hurry join my team, private message me!” will not work any more, AT ALL, because they have become immune. Besides, people don’t sign up with your company, or a product. They sign up with you, and for the benefit, not the features.

Subconsciously we all know, it’s not a product or a service that can get us everything we want in our lives. It’s a person with value – a mentor, or people, that can teach us how to get the results we want in our life.

Your prospects don’t care about “what” it is, and subconsciously, they only care about why you’re doing it. And if your “why” relates with their “why”, (after you get honest, be vulnerable, and tell your powerful story), then they’ll get honest with themselves, drop their walls, and most likely be interested, because it’s on their agenda to get what they want!

In fact, if, (instead of trying to selling them something), you can dig deep down deep into their Core Values and offer a solution based on those values, they will be closed into your business before they even know what it is! Then, if you build the skill to subconsciously anchor in the activities they must do for the next 4 years, to get to those Core Values faster, then you won’t even be able to stop them! Then they will be more like, “just show me what to do, and get out of the way”! Now that’s enrollment!!! And here’s a funny one…

Putting Your MLM Company Name In Your Facebook, (or any of) Your Profiles:
*You, waiting for your Facebook acquaintances to ask you all about your amazing business after you put the company name in your profile! LOL!*
(Or putting your company name all over your car like they told me to! LOL!)

I accidentally thought having a business card filled with my company and product info was going to be good, but it was actually the exact opposite of good! LOL

If you think that people are going to see your company name and hurry to get a hold of you, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time! (Like the “old” guy in the pic) LOL!

Even if the internet was still in it’s early stages, it wouldn’t be a good idea to put your company name or info out there right away. It’s always better to brand yourself, for positioning and credibility, not your company. (More on that in the other posts).

But today, people immediately rush to Google and do their “research” instead of thinking to ask you for accurate information. Your potential prospects also have a big sales filter, so if you just leave it to them , they’ll Google your company name and get their own idea, and that will be your best home business repellent!
If you leave your primary company hanging out there for them to look up themselves, your prospects may immediately find the negativity out there on the internet. You want them to make an educated decision, don’t you? And again, they won’t see your value first. They’ll only see some company they think they’re not interested in being sold on.

*Note: A great thing you can do is have a Facebook business or fan page in your profile that provides tons of value, with great content. Again, NOT “private message me” right away…

If you don’t have a business or fan page yet, then put something in your profile that makes them so curious it will drive them nuts, and they’ll want to know more! This creates more of an “attraction to find out more”, rather than the repulsion. Never satisfy their curiosity or give them enough to they think they already “know what it is” or else they wont’ ever have to “show up” to learn more, right?

Learn “Attraction Marketing” Online Instead of “Selling“: (Mandatory for today’s online business)
Network Marketing! The key word in there is: MARKETING!

It’s not called “chase everyone down, trying to convince them into your business, one by one” or maybe “blind everybody on Facebook with your bright colored products and wait for them to buy something” marketing! lol!Now, I know you may resist this like I wanted to at first, but just invest a second into the next level of your business, (and your sanity). I know what they told you, because they told me the same old school stuff that wasn’t the most efficient…”Come to every big meeting! Do house parties. Don’t judge, prospect everyone! (Even though this business is not for everyone). Write down 50 people. Use the scripts. Call them, one by one! Chase your friends and family down, driving all over town talking to dis-interested 9to5 skeptics that think their dead-end job is the greatest thing in the world, and way cooler than your network marketing business! Make business cards and a Facebook fan page with your company name on ’em so you can spam everyone online, on the street, and on the coffee shop wall! Throw that spaghetti on the wall with bad odds, and don’t worry about all the rejection, those people are just negative dream-crushers!“I could go on, but you’re getting my point. If you’re like me, you must work at a higher level, especially with Home Business.

I can tell you: Done wrong, it’s a nightmare, which is why most people fail or quit, and why you may have so much attrition in your business. Most people don’t think like the top 1%, so why try to drag them across the goal line? You’ll find out later how much that slowed you down!Personally, I like to Facebook advertising to laser target entrepreneurial minded leaders who already “get it” and are looking for more! This is so much better than trying to convince “Uncle Larry” he can make a million dollars, when he’s just fine at his dead-end job, clicking the remote and watching football on the weekends. Sh*t, most of my warmer network like to act like they don’t really care about their health, looks, or their future! hahaha!

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with sharp, self-motivated go-getters who have already read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and have desire for that next level. I got burnt out on working way too hard, dragging dead bodies over the goal line, kicking and screaming. So after we came out of our comfort zone and adapted to this specialized online marketing, our home business did a complete 180!

We immediately stopped getting stood up at hotel lobbies and home meetings. We also don’t have to show up to train or work with fearful or “motivate-able” employee types. We work with nothing but leaders who get it.

I wake up most days having business-minded entrepreneurs leaving us messages, asking questions, and practically begging us for appointments on how to generate the more significant incomes.

It took some learning, but just ask yourself:
What would you be willing to learn, so you can feel excited when you check your email in the morning to find leads of interested people, who are already motivated to go FULL TIME? Heck, what about simply being able to relax and eat dinner at a restaurant with your spouse instead of being desperate or anxious to prospect the waitress?!

With a more efficient kind of marketing, you’ll generate 24-7 income. You will also finally establish the credibility you needed, so people are listening when you speak, and even be able to generate multiple streams of income from your own site, while you sleep, from anywhere in the world, with a laptop…

The most important thing is that it will help you grow your Network Marketing business fast, which is one of your best assets. Having an Attraction Marketing Formula was absolutely game changing for our business.
And finally…

6 Steps of Communication: (Read this other post in my blog to watch my free training on “6 Steps”)

Do more listening than talking. No presentation at the invitation! All you need is your story, and self control!

This one concept changed my offline networking game completely, and helped me absolutely build leaders and explode their businesses. It is a communication process that most people have never used or even heard of.

You see, when communicating, most people aren’t really listening to the other person. They are simply thinking about what they’re going to say next, waiting for their next chance to speak! Many other people have even said they feel like they’ve gone years without being heard.
So a real meaningful conversation goes like this: (Again, listen to the training)

1. The Agenda, (general and specific)
Clear the time with people, (Specific agenda). And then, both parties must know the agenda, aka, what they are there for. (General agenda) If the agenda is to have a few beers, then they’re expecting to have a few beers. They will feel tricked and their energy will be way off if they get tricked into a presentation right there at the bar!

2. Positioning.
If you are too close, (like family or friends), then you are not “positioned” with them, because people don’t really listen to each other like they should. The more they know each other or the closer they are, the less they will actually listen. This is why it is so important to edify and “tee up” your up-line, or anything other than yourself. If you ARE going to be talking yourself, then you may need to RE-position, by explaining some of your recent growth and qualities. If you don’t set up correct posture and positioning, they will not have the respect and won’t be absorbing information like they should. Only after you’ve positioned yourself or someone else will there be credibility there.

3. The Fact, Feel, Find:
Again, people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care. If you’re not interested in them, with a good curious energy, they will see that you have your own agenda to “sell them on something”, and they will run away, every time. And how can we help them if we don’t know what their pleasure or pain is? It’s important to dig down deep enough to find out what moves them. Learn the words “tell me more” and “wow, tell me more about that”…

4. The Invite:
There no presentation here. There is only the invite to take a look at a solution, based on what they said they wanted . This way when they actually show up for themselves to learn the solution, they know what the agenda is. It’s to take a look at something that can help them get what they said they wanted! If you do this right, you’ll have them half way closed into your business before they even know what it is!

Language would be: “So it sounds like you’re all about ____, ____, and _____, did I get that right? Hmm, OK. Well, you know, I’m working on this side project with some very powerful people. If I was able to show you a way, that you would be able to get _____, _______, and ______, in the next 4-5 years, would that even be something you’d take 45 minutes to take a look at? The answer has always been “YES” for me….

5. Summary:
After they answer YES, (heehee!), you’ll give a summary of the 3 steps that are going to happen next. “Ok cool. First I’m gonna confirm tomorrow with a text, then we’ll meet up online, and I’ll show you some of the stuff we’re doing. Then you can make your own educated decision from there, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit… ”

6. An Open:
Instead of an old school harsh “close” that never sits right, you can open the door to the next exposure, so they can make a non-pressured and educated decision. Do you want to make some piddly little $20 sale, or do you want to build leaders that bring in 10’s of thousands for a lifetime? This way you won’t waste your (or their) time in the long run if they have second thoughts about being “closed”.
Setting an appointment for the next exposure, before you leave any meeting, is very professional and will lead to the next logical steps, and it will be their choice. Always good to ask, “ok cool, so what would you like the next steps to be?”! They’ll appreciate that. Remember: The fortune is in the follow up, so do it right!
I hope these initial 5 tweaks were helpful like they’ve been for us over the

Thanks to: NeveraCaseoftheMondays – fb. For the great info

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