Do You Have A Goal?


Sometimes I feel like my life can be all over the place juggling a busy construction company, managing 3 semi-adult kids and wanting to put every possible minute into my side hustle.  I have to be honest, yes sometimes I get a little overwhelmed, especially when things do not go as planned, and in construction that is almost an everyday thing. Sticking to a day to day plan sounds amazing but my reality is I need to make things happen on the fly a lot of the time.

What I have learned though is that it does not take a time schedule doing the exact thing at the exact time, its more like doing the same things every day, consistently over time that will get you results.

I quit focusing on the big huge picture and started focusing more on the short term and obtainable but not quite reachable goals:

This is what I did:

I was recently challenged to write down my top hundred things I wanted to achieve, become or do, no matter how outrageous they were. One can dream right?

Then I was asked to circle the 25 that meant the most to me.

Today it’s all about conspiring with the universe and turning those goals into reality. I have chosen 3 to work towards in a years time that I have no clue how I’m going to get there but I’m going to conspire to do it!

My Goals:
1. Get Global
2. Rank Up to RFX
3. Take my girls to Italy.

How am I going to do it:

First:  ( this is  one of the items on my 100 things to do) I am getting organized – REALLY ORGANIZED.  I have created a work space just for my side hustle, my plan is to blog at least twice a week- right here and also do facebook lives of my tips and business building practices.  Feel Free to Join my on Facebook at Gina’s Journey https://www.facebook.com/ginasjourny/

Second: I am going to be true to myself and commit to doing the daily, consistent activity. If I want my big goals, I know I need to play bigger.
Third: I am going to lead my team and teach by example.  Everything I am doing I will coach and teach them how to do.  I am going to concentrate on the fundamentals of my company and comp plan.  Duplication is now my middle name!!
What are your goals?  What are you willing to do to make them happen?
When you want something bad enough you always need to be a student and learn form those that have walked the path before you, be a student and then lead by example.
My journey is real and I am loving every minute, even the bumps, as they are making me better!!
Be Well.
I love feed back and shares.  Feel free to spread the love.

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