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Rodan and Fields, was developed by two Stanford trained Dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Previously, they developed Proactiv — the billon dollar global brand — and licensed the products to Guthy Renker. Rodan and Fields was purchased in 2003 by Estee Lauder Companies but the business still operated somewhat independently. Rodan and Fields launched on QVC and it has been highly popular since. Rodan and Fields could previously be purchased from high-end department stores, but it is now concentrating on direct selling through consultants using social commerce. Rodan and Fields provides an excellent business opportunity for women and men who are passionate about skin care and selling products through friends and family — and anyone with skin. Their multiplier effect allows consultants to earn significant commission through Multi-Level Marketing. Rodan and Fields has a pile of glowing reviews from consumers, and very few negative reviews on the internet. Rodan + Fields has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Allure, New Beauty and Vogue. The company has been awarded the Stevie award and is a partner of Buildon, Rodan + Fields is redefining the way we do business.

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