Is toner Important?

Did you know that Seabreeze, witch hazel, and alcohol are NOT toners and shouldn’t be used on your skin alone?
So, are toners necessary?

✔Toner balances the skin’s PH, which may be disrupted during the cleansing process.

✔It also works to prep the skin for moisturizers, serum, and other treatments.

✔Toner helps remove residual dirt, makeup, oil, and other impurities.

✔Specific toners address certain skin concerns, including sensitivity, acne, and anti-aging.

Each R+F regimen includes specific toners that meet specific needs! Each step of the regimen is important to the MULTI-MED-THERAPY approach. The right ingredients in the right formulation in the right order!!! If you’re not using toner, now is the time to start!! You’ll notice a change immediately in your skin. And if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back!

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