My top tips to hydrate your skin for winter with Gina Pearson.

skin hydration tips with Rodan + Fields

It is officially fall and this year more than ever I welcome the seasons change. The one thing I don’t welcome is the sudden loss of moisture and hydration in my skin. It’s time to switch up my regimen a little bit and introduce a couple of my favorites.

Sonoma County has been hit yet again with more devastating fires that we all can live to talk about and learn from. As the seasons and climate change so do our personal needs.  I have  found myself slowing down, observing and paying more gratitude for what I have.  I have definitely made it about service and helping others before myself.  Speaking of helping others I wanted to give you some top tips to winterize your skin straight from my company.

Hydrate your skin for winter –  Winter is Coming – Prepare Your Skin

It’s bad enough that it’s getting dark early and that crisp fall air is turning into a total winter chill. But really? Our skin has to suffer too? With winter coming, it’s time to prepare your skin to deal with the elements, just like you winterize your home, your wardrobe and your life.

The Environment and Dry Skin

When the environment changes — cold temperatures, low humidity, wind — skin definitely can dry out, and even become more sensitive. In the winter we turn up the thermostats in our offices and homes — but forced-air heating removes humidity from the air and dehydrates our skin and so does fire.  Symptoms of dry skin are severe roughness, cracking, scaling and flakiness commonly found on the elbows, knees, shins and hands. Your face can feel it too. What’s the big deal? Chronic dryness can make skin look more leathery and wrinkled and feel way more uncomfortable, none of us want that!

Severe dryness can also weaken the moisture barrier, so skin is not protected and moisture actually leaks out. Then our defenses can be compromised, allowing irritants, allergens and infectious agents to get past the barrier and irritate skin. This is where SOOTHE Regimen really helps. The Sensitive Skin Treatmentprotects the skin against weather conditions. Also remember that when the moisture barrier is compromised, dry skin can lead to premature skin aging and we all know what that looks like.

And it can get worse — there’s something called lichenification — yup, like lichens or dry, thick elephant skin. So, make sure not to scratch dry skin. Another condition is flakiness, meaning the uppermost layers of skin are having difficulty shedding.

  • How to Handle Dry Winter Skin and hydrate for winter

But there’s hope! Micro-Dermabrasion Paste in it BRAND NEW PACKAGING offers maximum exfoliation, so the flakes don’t build up. It also nourishes and moisturizes skin, and can be used on the face and body, leaving skin looking more even and healthier after just one use.

Then, hydrate, hydrate! You want to replace all the lost moisture the environment is stealing from you. (It’s just wrong!) Active Hydration Serum for the face and Active Hydration Body Replenish both contain our proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix with Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid that attracts moisture from the air, replenishing the moisture reserves on our skin. Then it locks in moisture, so you don’t lose it in the winter — literally – And Guess What?  They have introduced to incredible Holiday gifts based on hydration and exfoliation!

Don’t forget your lips. The skin on your lips is even more fragile and more susceptible to drying out, not to mention exposed to the elements. REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum comes in capsules rich in antioxidants to help lips retain their natural moisture.

Tips for Dry Skin

And remember, when washing your face and body, keep the water temperature tepid, not super hot. Slather on your hydrators and moisturizers right after your bath or shower when skin is still damp. It helps lock in moisture in so you can still go out. Hello Winter! We are ready for you.

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