Are you able to juggle business and family?
A few tips to create consistency and balance…

?Do you have balance??

Now that we have determined that yes you are doing the work to succeed, and yes — you would hire yourself and you are very passionate about your opportunity — the next question is WHAT NOW? ???? Are you balancing your life?

It’s called ROUTINE. ?? Are you planning out you’re day, your month, your quarter, your year?

Give yourself some milestones and let’s get to work!

~My day looks something like this~
Get up, get kids off to school
Some self development. Right now it’s Ray Higdon
Check messages/return messages
Post to Google, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels
Add a few new friends on Facebook
Check my back office, thank those who randomly ordered from me online and extend my services to them
Check my existing customers and their replenishment status if I have not done so already and drop them a quick note with a reminder and suggestions for upcoming order
Set up power shot calls with directs for the week. These are calls specific to each direct on my down line. Set event dates and their call to action activities.

~Off to my day job~
Do a quick call or two throughout the day to prospect, meet prospect for coffee and take phone orders
Fitness – I play soccer – get your fitness on??
Dinner, kids, family
Around 7:00pm -Check all social media, make another post, message back prospects. Check on and build up my campaign I am running.
Private message new friends I made in the morning get to know them.
Plan my next day. Plan my upcoming events, plan events for the month.
Rinse, wash, repeat.

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