What if you could give your daughter the ultimate gift❓

What is the ultimate gift?  Don’t think in terms of something that can’t be bought or given, but instead shared and nurtured. Watch it and guide them to help it grow into something magnificent that they could call their own.  Yes, that’s right I’m talking about stepping out of the box and offering them the gift of entrepreneurialship.

As  moms we always  want the best for our babies. I worry about who they meet, if they’re making the best decisions and that I’ve done my job the best I could possibly do for them.  There’s not a day that goes by that I am putting them first and trying to lead by example.   My daughters have watched me create a legacy company all while working full-time at my excavating company. They have watched my personal development, growth and success.  I thought there was know better way than to share with them is amazing gift  ?


Now we know there’s times we are not always the best we can be  with our suggestions, expectations and requirements of our kids. Sometimes it’s better to just agree to disagree and hope that you have helped shape them into becoming successful educated young people.

But what happens when that time comes where you are beaming with pride on the decisions they have made and you know what is in front of them will give them the security, empowerment and the freedom to be able to live their lives on their terms even long after you are gone❓❓

Meet my daughters, these are two of my business partners who are college students, equestrian rider’s and women business owners. They are both top 1% and 2% of our company.  Both have joined me in business and have become leaders on their teams all well being Dean’s list college students and juggling personal life.

As a mom I have given my daughters the gift of empowerment, success and well-being for their futures.




Message me, I would love to share our story and see if this would be a good fit for you.


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