Getting Started


This is a recommended system to follow for new consultants who are serious about building big with R+F.  This system has proven to have helped many R+F consultants build large organizations, some reaching the RFx position in 2 years or less.  It is all about having a plan in place, taking MASSIVE ACTION, and following the plan, as well as duplicating it through your team.

This system consists of FOUR basic action items:

  • Send out 200 messages your first week as a consultant. This can be email, Facebook, texts, or a combination of all of them.  Your message should contain SIX sentences or LESS….no more that 6!  (See the “files” section of our team Facebook page for suggested language titled  “200 messages”)
  • Post once per day to Facebook. This can be before/after pictures, graphics found on our iRF corporate page, or simply “lifestyle” posts showing your progress as you build your R+F business.
  • Have a set of 3 BBL’s back to back if possible- This is your Big Business Launch event to introduce your R+F business to your friends, family, and network.  Scheduling 3 back to back (ie; Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon for example) allows you to provide multiple options for your prospects to attend, therefore increasing attendance and results out of the gate.  We highly recommend scheduling your BBL’s within the first 2 weeks of signing up.  Seek your upline sponsor’s support with these events.
  • FOUR words you need to know- As a new consultant there are only 4 words you need to know when someone tells you they are interested.  Those words are “when can we chat?”.  Schedule the follow-up phone call with your sponsor or upline so they can help explain to your prospect what R+F is about, and how they can benefit.  This will allow you to listen and learn while at the same time getting the job done!

Team System #1 . “You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be”. Write down your authentic WHY and share it with your sponsor, your family, the people that support you. Consider making a vision board to SEE your WHY everyday. Some say your WHY should make you cry… well at least it should appeal to your emotions and be strong enough to make you brave enough to do the tough stuff first…like picking up the phone to call 5 people on your list. GO FOR IT TODAY!

TEAM SYSTEM #2: CREATE YOUR LIST! What are you looking for in a business partner? Referrals need to know… Paint a picture of the ideal must have qualities, so you can attract that type of business partner and so that referrals think of people to refer to you! My must have ideal partner is COACHABLE, Self-MOTIVATED, CONFIDENT, ENERGETIC, POSITIVE&FUN, Do Whatever it takes (WIT) problem solver and TEAM PLAYER. Highly desirable qualities are: visionary, social media savvy, generous of heart, and helpful. I suggest starting with the MANAGING YOUR LIST tool in our biz dev library under PULSE, 3 hole punch and keep in a separate binder.


https://www.rodanandfields.com/images/Archives/Managing_Your_List.pdf UPDATE this LIST DAILY!! Go to your personal contact list (Christmas Card list), Social media (FB friends, LINKED IN contacts), attend networking opportunities, parents in children classes this year and previous years, volunteer committees, Previous Work relationships, exercise classes…. use the MEMORY JOGGER from biz Dev library https://www.rodanandfields.com/images/Archives/Building-Your-List_Memory-Jogger.pdf

build your list

TEAM SYSTEM #3: Time to CONTACT YOUR LIST! Now that you know WHY you are doing this business and what you want from it, you started thinking about WHO you were going to share it with and WHAT type of biz partner you are looking for on a fabulous list, right?? SET a GOAL right NOW on how many contacts you will make a day, week, month…. just one a day is 30 people to contact in a month. As you personally contact people then they will be added to your list for follow up (next post). DOES YOUR WHY MAKE YOU WANT TO PICK UP THE PHONE???? GREAT!

NOW start calling those on your list! Don’t worry about the perfect words, just know you are excited! Know your WHY and what was YOUR reason for joining, be confident in the company and products and yourself! A great way to start is write an email that is sent blind copy to your contacts introducing your new business and let them know you will be calling to invite them to your launch or ask them about their skincare needs. THE BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE tool is your PHONE for calling…. leave a very short message that you have some exciting news to share and ask them to call you back or let them know you will call again. When you call and they answer… ask if they have a few minutes to catch up and let them know you wanted them to be one of the FIRT to hear your exciting news!! A lot of times i’m ask… what if I haven’t seen them in a long time? I say, be honest! “Hey I know we have not connected in a while, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I started my new business because I have always admired…… about you and so I just had to call.” WHAT if they say NO?! Then ask if they use a skincare product they LOVE…. maybe they would be willing to take the 60 day challenge because you need all the billboards for product endorsements… “Share the benefits of PC” Then be sure to share with them WHO YOU ARE LOOKING for…describe your ideal biz partner qualities… and maybe they have someone that comes to mind.

YOU can also use REFERRAL language when contacting..” Hey Sally, you are such a great connector… I thought you might be able to help me with my new business…. got a minute for me to tell you about it?

woman with phones

YOUR GOAL in ANY first contact is to GET A FOLLOW UP!! So set your goal prior to the call (my goal is to introduce them to my sponsor, or my goal is to meet them for coffee to share more information). Remember the BEST time to call is ASAP after you enroll as a consultant; your excitement is contagious and powerful! FYI texting and calling are NOT the same:) YOU can also reach out by individual FB messages if you do not have their phone number. Instead of “pitching” RF to them, make the purpose of your FB message to get their phone number. THEN CALL them! I have MANY stories about consultants that waited just a few days too long to contact a friend only to find out THEY had just started too, if YOU don’t call them eventually SOMEONE else will!!