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Father’s Day Gifts He Will Love but may not ask for…

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He may never ask directly. But if these Rodan + Fields products were to appear in his medicine cabinet, they wouldn’t go to waste.

Father’s Day Gifts he will love.   How do we know?  Because we asked the experts. The men at the Rodan + Fields Home Office enjoy free R+F products as a perk. (All employees do, and it’s awesome.) With access to all of the company’s skincare, we wondered, what do men choose for themselves?

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With Father’s Day coming up on June 21, we thought we’d put this list of dude-approved R+F products out there. Just saying❤️.


There’s never a dull moment at the Home Office, judging from the number of men who use the REVERSE Brightening Regimen for dullness, discoloration and uneven skin tone. “I use REVERSE almost every day,” says Rodan + Fields Chairman Amnon Rodan. “I love how it feels, smells, and that it’s not oily, stick or greasy. I love that it makes me look young – or, if not that, I love that it makes me glow.”

The REDEFINE Regimen for lines, wrinkles and visible signs of aging is also popular. Customer Care Instructional Designer Nicolas Dionisio is solidly on Team REDEFINE and recommends it “to anyone who wants to look as young as I do ?.”

Even if they’re not using a full Regimen, the men of the Home Office take their SPF seriously. Compliance Analyst Cody Wilbur uses REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30 as his go-to sunscreen, while Justin Ramsay, Social Media Manager, faithfully applies SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 on his face. He appreciates the product’s matte finish and that it “protects him from the sun.”


Another Father’s Day Gift he will love is Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. Our exfoliating face-and-body scrub, is also a fan favorite. Order Management Specialist Dustin Robinson appreciates that he can use it in the shower. (The men in our office definitely demand convenience in their skincare.) Convention Program Manager Josh Goodman says MD Paste is at the top of his current want-to-try list. Facilities Coordinator Randall Vaughan envisions combining the scrub and a classic outdoor water slide for an innovation he would call “Slip and Exfoliate.” Note to Randall: Please do not actually try this.


Active Hydration Body Replenish is another fave. Elite Support Coordinator Enrique Garcia, who works on cars and does outdoor activities in his spare time, uses this award-winning cream on his elbows, knees and knuckles — “pain points when it comes to dry skin, because these are the areas that come in most contact with rough surfaces,” he says.
Active Hudration Body:


As for the product universally beloved by the men of the Rodan + Fields Home Office? Well, it turns out there’s a reason why they’re all so radiant.  Another way to keep them radiant is to protect the skin from the sun. Do you know the difference in Uv and UVB rays – Tips on Safe Sun and Sunscreen from Gina Pearson

“I suffer from dry skin,” says David Horton, Senior Director of Architecture, Methods and Tools. But with daily use of Active Hydration Serum, “I’ve noticed much more comfort during the day — less cracking, flaking of my skin, and definitely less tightness.” His skin is less red and irritated, too. “Overall, my complexion has smoothed out,” he says.

You know who couldn’t agree more? The inventor of this ultra-hydrating moisture magnet himself. Active Hydration Serum “instantly hydrates after skiing, being in the sun or simply being,” says Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Tim Falla, who uses it frequently. “My rougher, drier skin needs all the help it can get.”

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