Turning up the thermostat leads to dehydrated skin. Combat dry, winter skin with these 3 steps:


?EXFOLIATE with products designed for your lips, body and face

?MOISTURIZE with products that contain moisturizers, humectants and protectants (using while the skin is moist will help trap in extra moisture)

?HYDRATE with a humidifier while you sleep. It will improve the tone and texture of your skin and will help hydrate your hair and nails as well.


Why Hydrating Your Skin Will Make A Huge Difference in its Appereance and Overall Skin Health:

Here What Kimberly Has To Say:

“ This is me tonight with no foundation, no concelor, and no powder. I have a little eye makeup on and Active Hydration Serum. My skin has never had that dewy look, I was always oily or dry. Thanks RF for giving me skin I love! I don’t even want to cover it up with mineral peptides (one of my favs!). No matter your skin type, you NEED this product!”


??? Active Hydration Serum is HERE! ???


Active Hydration Serum is not like any other product. The 3D3P Molecular Matrix is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind structure, invented in our R+F lab. They created a new molecule to address hydration in a different way, binding Glycerin to Hyaluronic Acid and ATTRACTING moisture from the atmosphere (regardless of where you live-no matter humid or dry climate) to the skin throughout the day as needed.

Hydration and moisturizers address dryness differently. While moisturizers work to form a barrier on top of the skin to prevent moisture loss, hydration actually ADDS moisture to the skin instantly, and th^rough out the day. ALL skin types need hydration, just like all skin types need moisture.



I am loving what this is doing for my skin! My face feels so different to the touch it’s hard to even describe, but it’s good! Also, if  you have acne this product will help!


?Balance oily skin
?Plump Wrinkles
?Reduce Fine Lines
?Visible Firmness and younger acting skin
?Added Brightness

? you’re gonna love it!!!!?

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