What Does It Take To Be Kind?

Do good and feel good this holiday by spending time with family, exchanging gifts and enjoying delicious meals with loved ones. It’’s also the perfect time to focus on gratitude and giving back.  Choose to focus on doing good during this hectic time of year is a wonderful tradition to start for yourself or your family.
Whether you’d like to volunteer, perform random acts of kindness or make a donation, you not only do good and feel good this holiday season, you make a difference!
There are a few tips that can be easily duplicated and shared within your family to maybe make this a family tradition. 

1: Drive-Thru Surprise Kindness

This is one of the easiest ways to do something kind And random for a complete stranger. The next time you go through the drive-thru to get your morning cup of coffee or lunch, pay for the person behind you. That’s it! You’ll drive away before they’ll know what you did so they won’t get a chance to thank you, but you’ll know that you totally made a stranger’s day.   I am a Rank Maker and do something called #wealthwednesday. One random act of kindness that can change someone’s out completely on humanity because you do not know the kind of day they’re having.

2: Give a Little More to Your Server

Another easy way to do good over the holiday season is to randomly increase your tips to 50 or 100 percent when you go out to eat. Write a simple “Our family wishes you and yours a very happy holiday!” on your bill, and leave your server a nice tip.

3: Recurring Monthly Donations

As you plan your gift list for the holidays, consider donations instead of actual presents.  I am honored to share with you that my team is making a difference as we provide a recurring monthly donation to Social Advocates for Youth here in Sonoma County. We are following the Do Good and Feel Good this holiday season and monthly concept. It is duplicating amongst everyone in our network which is having an impact on those in need.

Did you know there are more than 125 teens from the age of 18 to 24 that sleep outside without shelter every night right here along the coastal community?

I am very humbled and proud to share that my team and customers have donated over $9000 this year!   I will be the voice for those trying to find their way. It is my mission and my vision to be able to help provide what this program needs to continuously help the youth in our community.

Visit my tab and learn more about SAY

Youth homelessness

4: Help Your Local Animal Shelter

If you’re an animal lover (or your kids are), it would be an amazing gesture to volunteer at your local shelter as a family. Often the dogs need to be walked and socialized, which is a great activity for the family. Ask the shelter what’s on their wish list and stop at a pet store before you volunteer, so you can bring collars, dog beds or anything else they might need.

5: Bring Cookies to a Nursing Home

Senior citizens in nursing homes aren’t always lucky enough to have friends and family to visit them during the holidays. This can feel especially isolating at this time of year. Call your local nursing home to see if they would be open to you dropping off cookies or baked goods to their residents. You can walk around, deliver sweet treats and get to know the residents.

6: Teach Your Kids the Importance of Volunteering

It’s wonderful to teach your kids the importance of giving And helping out where needed. My daughters, my sister and my niece joined me on Saturday while we pack boxes for Social Advocates for Youth to share with them during this holiday time.

Tonight, over 600 young people under the age of 25 will spend the night alone and vulnerable to the elements. Youth are still the most unsheltered homeless population in Sonoma County, but are so often left out of the conversation.
Want to get involved? Message me or make a straight donation right here:  

7: Stock Up on

Gift Cards

Stock up on $5 or $10 gift cards (Amazon, American Express or Target, for example), and hand them out to people that you interact with often: a bank teller; a cashier at the supermarket you frequent; your favorite barista. Passing along a gift card with a simple “Happy Holidays!” wish will almost always bring a smile to someone’s face.
Do Good – Feel Good. 

10: Thank Your Local Firefighters

Call the non-emergency number of your local fire department to find out how many firefighters they typically have there at any given time. Then, put together a delicious breakfast of baked goods you can drop off to thank these brave men and women for their service.
This is just a few ways to Do Good and Feel Good this holiday season. Kindness is contagious, sprinkle it around this holiday and as often as you can.
Thanks for the love,  I look forward to the New Year.  Be kind, be healthy, do good and feel good this holiday season by spreading  joy!
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