Detox your body before the holidays and embrace the holiday season with love.

Do you Detox at least twice a year?  How many of you love the holidays?  I know some of my favorite things are all the special holiday treats that are available.  But, with these treats comes that feeling of guilt.  I thought I would share with you a few pre- holiday things you can be doing to prepare for the season.

Here are 4 things that will help detox your body:

1. CUT SUGAR – Just start by becoming aware of the amount of refined sugar you intake and begin decreasing that amount. Before you know it, you will find it easy to skip all that unwanted sugar and develop better eating habits.

2. WATER WITH LEMON JUICE – Consume a glass when you wake up. Not only does it hydrate you better, but it is also promotes digestion to help start the waste detox out of your body.

3. GET MOVING – It’s time to take care of your body! By moving around more, it helps increase circulation and improves digestion. Don’t put it off waiting for “free” time for the gym…. even a walk before work will do wonders.

4. EAT ORGANIC – Now that your clearing out all of those bad toxins, try buying organic foods and put less of the bad stuff back into your body!

Skincare is important too

Something else he should keep in mind regarding your complexion is what you put on your face. Derma Cosmetic

Using mineral-based products are always best, especially if it’s got a sunscreen it and it’s not pore clogging.

What if your  finishing touch product was good for your skin? http://pearson.myrandf.com

I just love products that deliver and give my skin that spa feeling.

Now thru the holdiays let me share my skin care secrets with you so you  are not only feeling your best but looking it too!


Happy Holidays!!




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