The bottom line is that the fortune REALLY is in the FOLLOW UP!

It takes people 8-12 exposures before they really start listening and are ready to hear your message! These “exposures” can be social media, an invitation to an event, a casual comment, watching a friend’s skin (or yours!) be transformed. Other ways are seeing you with an RF sticker in your car window, perhaps a branded phone case or an RF hat. All types of subliminal marketing are fabulous ways to “touch” without having to “bug” someone.
But, here’s what is frightening!

The majority of people (almost 75%) contact someone only TWICE before they give up yet statistics show that only 5% of sales are made on first 2 contacts! A whopping 80% of sales are made on the 5-12 contact! So, you are helping everyone (except yourself) if you don’t follow up! Check out the slide…it’s really eye opening!

But, how in the world do you keep track of all of your prospects, the conversations, the various stages of “not right now”? Watch for my next post for some ideas!

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