And that’s a wrap on 2018…well, almost! Lets Talk Goals

We all have goals for 2019 with big aspirations, hopes & dreams.  Lets go get what we want this year, but know that you have to do the daily work to make those things happen.  You can wish them all day long but if you set yourself up for success they are more likely to happen the way you want them to.  Forward movement in 2019 is my goal, I am the pilot of my life, and I am going to fly toward my vision.

Goals, are achievable is you take them in bite size peaces, lets start with some tips to lighten your load and get you focused and ready to dominate in 2019:

Here are some feel good tips I wanted to share with you that my company shared with me – they always have my back and skin!!

?Start the  new year with a clean slate — not to mention clean skin! — so here are 10 things I  be doing before ringing in 2019 with a bang?

?Toss all expired makeup, sunscreen and skincare. If a product is past its prime, it’s time to replace it.

?Take down and store your holiday decorations. Once the New Year rolls around, they’re the last thing you’ll want to see.

?Send thank-you notes to people who gave you holiday gifts. There’s no time like the present to express appreciation for your presents.

?Exfoliate your face and body. Out with the old (dead skin cells) and in with the new (younger, vibrant cells)!  Here is some great info on exfoliation.

?Treat yourself to a pedicure. Starting the New Year on the right foot is easier when your toes are in tip-top shape.

?Go through all your clothes and shoes and donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year. If it’s been that long since you’ve worn something, you’re not going to miss it.  May I suggest  the one warm coat drive

?Take a look at your skin and assess its current state. Could you use more hydration? Are you seeing signs of aging? Now is the time to add a new product to your routine and make sure you are fully stocked on all the products you need. Not sure what you need- take my assessment test 

?Write down your personal and professional goals for the year, both big and small. Cross them off as you achieve them, add more as the year goes on, then look back at the list at the end 2019 — you’ll be impressed by all you’ve accomplished!

?Clean out your email inbox, delete unneeded files on your computer and remove apps from your phone that you no longer use. The more clutter you eliminate, the easier your tech will be to navigate.

?Take a restorative yoga or meditation class, or get a massage, to help you de-stress from the holiday chaos. It helps to start the year in a Zen-like state — or somewhere close to it!

How will you be prepping for the New Year? 

Would love to here what you have in store…

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