Do you have shape, color & content? Read more on how to brand yourself. ?

There’s a psychology to creating a distinct brand identity which is crucial to your business’ success and cutting through the visual noise.

To be effective, we must first understand how the mind processes information. After all, branding is beyond what we see, it’s how we think and behave that matters most.

People collect and interpret information in an orderly fashion, moving from most simple to complex. The brain finds understanding by observing shape, color, then content, also known as, The Sequence of Cognition.

Let’s explore further…

1. Shapes – Our brain accepts and recognizes shapes first. Words take time to interpret, but images are identified instantly. Reading isn’t necessary to be able to identify shapes, however, recognizing shapes is critical to be able to read. Since a distinct shape makes a quick impression on memory, the importance of designing distinct shapes is crucial in design.

2. Color – Next, color can prompt an emotion striking brand association. Distinct colors must be chosen carefully, not only to increase brand awareness but to communicate differentiation. According to ColorMatters, 80 percent of visual information that we take in is related to color. Take companies like Coca-Cola and FedEx for example, they are identifiable based on core brand colors.

3. Content – Third in sequence behind shape and color, is content. The brain requires more time and effort to process language.

These fundamentals are the strategic foundations to be laid in creating a brand identity that works.

What shapes and colors do you associate to your favorite brands? Post in the comments below.
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