I fully believe, if you are going to build your business online, it’s necessary to have your own blog or website. This is your store front where your ideal prospect / customer will come to get value from you. This is a no brainer. Where we tend to go array is with the person we are talking to.

Specific Content Creation

It’s common knowledge that we need to understand our target market. Otherwise you speak into your online journal with the hope that someone will find it.

I was in a radio marketing meeting the other day and specific targeting came up… More specifically Jane.
Who’s Jane? She’s between the ages of 30 and 40, single mom, working 40+ hours a week, overwhelmed from life and feeling helpless. We’ll come back to Jane.

Struggling Network Marketer Content Creation

Most bloggers in the network marketing arena are speaking to struggling marketers looking to build their business on and offline. Why not? At any given time, there are approximate 100 million marketers on the planet. Lots of people that you and I can help develop a unique set of skills to become extraordinary. Someone has to bite right? If this is your strategy and you’re not generating 5-10 Leads per day, read on to the next section.

Blogging on Purpose

You may not have gone to a bookstore in a while but they have a specific categorizing system. Education, Type of education, Age and so on. Like the internet, it’s can be vast and confusing for the typical patron looking for a specific book. The search will start broad and narrow down to exactly what their looking for. This is Jane, looking for you.

Unfortunately, by targeting everyone, we’re actually talking to no one. The more specific you are with your targeting, the more specific your lead will be and ironically, the more you can serve.

Who is Your Jane

I would say, the best way to find your target market is to look in the mirror. The best way to connect with someone is to have similar interests with that person. When you have that conversation, it’s like talking to a long lost friend and your Know-Like-Trust factor starts at the beginning of the conversation. Connecting with someone is about identifying where they are with understanding. Who else is better suited to help them, than someone that has been in their position in the past?

When creating your content, ask yourself, “Is This Something That Jane Would Get Value From?”

Social Media and Content Creation

Marketing doesn’t end with your blog… Social Media reflects who you are. So, who is that? It might be a good idea to reflect and connect to Jane in your Social Media.

Let me explain.

If you looked in the mirror to the person you are talking to… be that person, be you. If you’re a single mom, be authentic on how you gain your hope and what you’re doing to create a life you love for your family. Post value on hope, strategies and marketing. This is going to create curiosity with your followers so, it’s okay to post your website in your post.

Since most of your following on Social Media is comprised of people that have something in common with you, it will be like your blog is talking right to them.

By doing this, you’re creating congruency in all aspects of your marketing aka creating your brand. Watch the magic happen.

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