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Hi, I’m Gina. A mother, wife, business owner, entrepreneur and equestrian lover. I have a passion for soccer and photography which you’ll find out about shortly. Join me on this journey on what and why I chose to change my life for the better. My husband and I run a successful excavation company, years ago when the economy wasn’t do well I decided to look for something that would generate some side income, little did I know it would change my life forever. I now have a successful online skin care business with Rodan+Fields and am surrounded by a team of men and women that strive to enrich their lives. Lean in and join me as I show you what I did.

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New Products Released From Rodan + Fields

  Holy cow look what they’ve done now! New products released from Rodan +  Fields is now able to reach a whole new demographic by allowing me to be able to share skin care with young adults who don’t necessarily have skin care problems but who...

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My Top 10 Fall Skin Care Tips

10 Skin Care Tips To Look Your Best In Any Season My top 10 fall skin care tips are things you can do every day to have the best skin year round.  Transitioning into fall means  the colors change and the leaves start falling as we settle in to...

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Finding Dark Spot Treatments That Work

Why Are You Getting Dark Spots and Sun Damage? Even as somebody who is in the skin care industry finding dark spot treatments that work and do what they say is sometimes challenging with all the information out there.  It’s always been my goal to be completely...

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Eye Creams & Serums That Work from Rodan + Fields

Eye Cream & Serums that work From Rodan + Fields Choosing eye creams and serums that work from Rodan + Fields does not have to be  sensitive  business.  Sure, they may be the window to your soul, but your eyes are also the gateway to your age. And your health, how...

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Why I Joined Rodan + Fields

I joined Rodan + Fields in the beginning because I saw the incredible results in my daughters and my skin. My oldest daugher struggled with acne for years and was not getting results, it was heartbreaking for a mom. When I saw what the products did for her and her confidence I knew I had to share. I began to look deeper into what this could mean for me as far as time freedom, choices and the ability to work from anywhere and I dove in.

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Why Not You

Why Not Now

Why I chose to put it all out there and take a chance on myself. Let me share my story with you. What If you could make it better? What if it was right in front of you?

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