Why are you not attracting the right people to you?

Below are 5 tips to help you begin attracting the right people to you.


Are you someone who thought they had it all figured out?  Did you  put all of your training and reading from your company and put it into use?   Did you hear crickets??

Me too!!  Do not  get me wrong, my company has an amazing system in place and I am doing quite well – but I wanted more. Not more in the sense of monitory value but on a more personal level.  I was recently introduced to someone I now call my coach who opened my eyes and shared with me a gift.  Want to know what it is?  It’s  quite simple really, I have it and so do you.  It is ourselves!!  There is only one me!!  She posed this  question “what do you think people find fascinating about you”  This, is our secret sauce! I have the ability to reach my full potential by unlocking and sharing more of myself.  By doing this I am able to connect with my ideal clients on a different level and gain a following of people who know, like and trust me  just by sharing myself..  What are your strong traits, what makes you fascinating?

How do we do this?

Take a look at some top leaders you admire and who are successful:

What do they have that you don’t?  Chances are they have found their inner light –  their mojo and they use it to attract their tribe to them.  They are confident, they stand in their truth and they are letting people see who they are.   Here are a 5 things you can do to start attracting people to you.  Here are some other tips: https://www.mynewsite34.sg-host.com/networking-valuable-asset/

  1. Tell a story – Instead of selling and dropping a link to your store, share how your product, opportunity or service has helped you or someone else.  Be passionate about it and find a way to make the people you are sharing with feel incredible and can see themselves getting the same results.
  2. Eliminate negative talk – Be positive and use your company as your vehicle and voice for positive engagement. Give a solution to someones problem.
  3.  T.I.N.YTheir Intersts Not Yours!  What do they need? How can you help them?
  4. Stand Out: Sell yourself, Elevate others and make them feel important.
  5. Try not to focus on the outcome, focus, this is a relationship building business.  Keep good notes and have a great follow up system.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing more of myself and how I am applying these skills into my personal and professional life to gain the followers and make the true connections.  Want to hear my story: https://www.mynewsite34.sg-host.com/mothers-and-daughters/

What if you could work with those that inspire you?

Everybody has a story, do you know yours? Do you know why you do the things you do and the guards you have put up?  Stay Tuned…………

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