What happened?  Two down – One to go.



I just realized I have one left in the nest. All of a sudden my reality of being a mom is changing form. My babies have grown wings and they are flying on their own. I am still  a mother of 3 –  2 girls and 1 boy. My girls have found their independence in college and I am here with my 16 year old boy and husband. What to do, what to do?? The weird thing about the boys is they need less maintenance then my daughters did. I have found that now I am allowed the time I need to pursue my passion. Yes, I can still run my excavating company but at the end of the day I wanted something that brings me happiness and excitement – something for myself!!

I am always first and foremost wife, mother, friend and professional in my industry. But now I have something of my very own. What I am trying to share with all of you is that if your world shifts, shift with it and embrace change. I would have never found my sisterhood and my side gig that gets me up in the morning and keeps me up at night with a passion I had never knew I had or wanted.


My need to nurture has taken a different form, it has evolved into me sharing, training and helping others be the best they can be using social media as a platform and in doing this I am in the process of building an empire I can call my own!

FIND YOUR PASSION!!  Change is good. Be the CEO of You!

I am so excited to share my journey with you and I am looking for people looking for me who want to be passionate about what they do and find themselves again or just add to their wonderful, beautiful lives. Take a look: http://www.ginapearson.biz

You may not even know you are looking for something until you find it.

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