Acne – let’s get it under control.


Acne  comes in many forms, cycles and stages.   It is important to understand and treat on a continuous regular basis to prevent the blemishes from appearing on your skin.

I’m going to tell you a story about my daughter, she is now 21 and acne free.    Getting to this point was a challenge and it was extremely frustrating and heartbreaking.   I watched  her go through years with minimal results.  We did everything from topical to prescriptions to Accutane,  with only temporary solutions.  The Hidden Truth

What I have learned

Thank goodness I found a product that works!  I will never forget when she stood in front of a sold out audience and shared her story.    Hearing  your daughter speak about the effects of acne on her confidence and self-esteem are just heartbreaking. This is coming from a young adult who suffered  the consequences of acne through her already hard teenage years.  She  told the crowd that when she would meet somebody or talk to somebody she thought they weren’t listening to what she was saying and only staring at her acne.   This rings so true for our youth and what it does to their self-esteem.

As A Mother:

As a mother I am here to tell you that you can make a difference in the way your child feels about themselves.   It starts here with clear skin. My daughter is now graduating early from college and she speaks about this openly in the hopes that she could help other girls not go through the same insecurities she did.



 Here are a few tips that you can do to help minimize acne:

  1.   Change the pillowcases twice a week.
  2.   Keep the make up brushes clean if they must cover it up.
  3.   Substitute soda for water.
  4.   Where a good oil control sunscreen.
  5.   Talk to me about my daughters regimen  and what you can do to remove redness and scarring wants the skin clears up.

Here are a few more helpful hints to Flawless Skin

We are here to share her story and to hopefully help are use gain their confidence back by eliminating acne.

Message me and I will share more,  or you can jump on to my site and take a look.  Acne Treatment


Don’t let acne rule your child, it’s more then skin deep.


Please Share with  anyone who suffers, I am here to help.








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