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✨Please lean in for a moment and let me share with you an opportunity that has changed my life and my daughters lives in so many ways.

✨My family and I live in beautiful Sonoma County, not far from the devastating fires that forever changed our landscape.  I love soccer and am an avid photographer- mostly equine. I have an amazing, supportive husband and am the mother to 3 kids, two in college with one still at home. While we were spared from the fires we have friends and family who lost everything in the flames – their homes, their businesses – everything. And I realized how lucky I am to have a found a viable online skincare business with that I can operate from anywhere, that’s not dependent on a local storefront or warehouse, and that can continue to make money for us even while our community is recovering from a disaster like these fires.

✨My husband and I have operated a very successful excavating company for over 22 years. It was during the recession just a few
years ago that I decided I wanted an additional source of income for those times when the economy gets tight. I also wanted a legitimate side business to help build for the future.

✨Little did I know my “little side hustle” would become so much more!

  I am excited to share more of my journey with you and share with you what I’ve been up to.

Reach out to me to hear how the best is yet to come.



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