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My Business Partner and Leader: My R+F Story – 2009-2015

My name is Jacqueline Qualls and I am a RFX Circle and Million Dollar Circle Achiever with Rodan + Fields. My last professional career was in Corporate America. I was an Outside Sales Representative for a large steel company and I managed our largest automotive account.

In 2008, at the age of 62, I was handed a severance package due to a merger and downsizing. I suddenly realized there was no loyalty or relationship in Corporate America even though I had done everything right and been a model employee for 25 years — past performance didn’t matter, they needed to save my paycheck. I decided that day I wanted to find something to do that would give me more flexibility and time freedom, something I could call my own. That same year in Nashville, TN, I was introduced to Rodan + Fields and I knew I’d found my new career.

For a small investment, I could start my own business, work from home, be my own boss and make my own money. In a little over 60 days I not only had amazing skin…but I was profitable and in a little over two years I had created an ongoing annual 6-figure residual income and was driving a LEXUS of my choice with the Rodan + Fields car program. Today, I’m traveling the world for free having found a “dream job” for my retirement years and I might add, I am earning more in a month than my 6-figure annual income in Corporate America. If I can do this, a widow in my 60’s coming off of job loss, anyone can. I am very passionate about sharing this business and products with others, in hopes of changing their lives as it changed mine.

Sarah Robbins — Network Marketing Consultant, Marketing Speaker

A former kindergarten teacher, Sarah Robbins is passionate about teaching, training and changing lives. She was introduced to Rodan + Fields when the products were sold in high-end retail stores and she worked part-time as a product educator to supplement her teacher’s salary. Sarah was among the first Independent Consultants when Rodan + Fields entered into direct sales. She began working her business part time along side her full time teaching career.

Sarah’s passion for teaching and training, paired with her team’s commitment, has led her to experience tremendous success with her business. Sarah went from teacher to Million Dollar Circle Achiever, RFx Circle Achiever and was inducted into the Rodan + Fields Hall of Fame.

Sarah has since retired from teaching, and now enjoys coaching others to become successful in their Rodan + Fields business. At the age of 29 after working her business for five years, full time, Sarah achieved six-figures per month in earnings, and her husband Phil sold his successful business so the two could work their Rodan + Fields business together.

Sarah and Phil’s greatest joy in life is seeing the lives of others changed–as their team experiences success with Rodan + Fields and, through their own time and resources, they are able to give back to children in need around the world. They’ve been able to cover medical expenses for children in need, sponsor children’s education and nutrition, and help to build orphanages around the globe. The best part? They believe they are just getting started.

Sarah and Phil Robbins
RF x Executive Consultantship and 2015 RFx Circle Achievers
Four Time Achievers

Kim Krause

Kim Krause, an RFx Executive Consultant, left behind her long-term, successful career as a real estate agent when the market crashed in 2008. “The answer to my prayers came when I was introduced to Rodan + Fields,” says Kim. She was able to connect with the Doctors’ vision and understood the power of the brand. She knew this was the vehicle she had been searching for that could allow her to create time freedom, financial freedom and a legacy for her family.

After six months of building her business working 10 – 15 hours each week and taking advantage of the flexible schedule, Kim reached Level V Executive Consultant Title. In just two years of working 30 flexible hours each week, she became an RFx Circle Achiever. In 2013, Kim also became a Million Dollar Circle Achiever. She is proud and excited to have fulfilled her dream of becoming her own boss while helping her business partners develop their full potential. “My Rodan + Fields business is all about helping people realize their full potential and dream big,” says Kim, who, as an Independent Consultant, has found the work-life balance and financial success she always desired. Kim believes the Company’s business model and product line can change lives and help people of varying backgrounds, achievements and interests feel successful.

Kim Krause
RF x Executive Consultant and 2015 RFx Circle Achiever
Four Time Achievers

Romi Neustadt

After two successful careers as a lawyer and an award-winning PR consultant, Romi was looking for a way to escape the billable hour and have the flexibility to make her two young children her top priority. Romi also wanted a new challenge that would use all her strengths and experiences to benefit others and really make a difference.

In less than 2.5 years with Rodan + Fields, she was able to build a business that not only fulfilled her professional desires, but also transformed her family’s life. Romi began working her Rodan + Fields business between 10 and 12 hours a week in tandem with her PR consultancy, and was able to build a strong foundation and steady income. Four months in, Romi decided to hang up her PR hat, and focus on her Rodan + Fields business full-time. Working 30 – 40 hours each week from home around her kids’ schedules, Romi built a six-figure monthly income and has enjoyed recognition and incentives that dwarf anything she saw in 15 years in corporate America. She was named 2010 Top Recruiter, inducted into the Rodan + Fields Hall of Fame and serves on the Leadership Advisory Board. She was one of the company’s first Road RFx Car Incentive Program Achievers, RFx Circle and Million Dollar Circle Leaders, and has earned luxury trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, Bora Bora and Paris.

But for Romi the most rewarding part of this business is helping her extraordinary team achieve their goals and design professional lives that fit in around the rest of their lives. Sweeter than her own achievements have been the momentous occasions when two of her direct business partners reached Million Dollar Circle, and when three reached RFx Circle.

Her enormous success enabled her husband John, a doctor, to step away from clinical practice so he could focus on building a dietary supplement company. By last year John’s company no longer required much of his time, and he didn’t want to return full-time to a medical practice. So he joined Romi in business to work alongside his favorite person and impact more people than he ever could in clinical medicine. They love working together to inspire others to dream bigger and teaching them how to turn those dreams into reality.

Romi and John Neustadt
RF x Executive Consultantship and 2015 RFx Circle Achievers
Four Time Achievers

Michelle Roy

Congratulations to Micelle Roy!! ANOTHER RETIREMENT thanks to Rodan+Fields!! LOVE this incredible opportunity these Doctor’s have given us!! Would YOU like to be a part of the GROWING anti-aging industry AND have access to the BEST of the BEST in skincare?! YES please!!!

Here is what Michelle had to say….

A VEHICLE FOR CHANGE: That is what R+F is. Eric and I are living proof. Our lives are being transformed because of this company and the people in it. We’ve paid down debt, we’ve taken trips, we’ve given to causes that we love, and now this. It sounds silly to even say, and while I was working for it I’m not sure I believed that it would happen this quickly.

Have I worked hard? You bet. But, I HAVE LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT, even the bumps in the road, and it’s all led me here. At the ripe old age of 40, I am officially RETIRED and FREE to live my life as I choose!!! God that feels really GOOD!!! 2016 is the year of LIMITLESS TIME and ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

TAKING A CHANCE: 18 months ago that’s exactly what I did. I took a chance on this business (on myself really) and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my family. I’ll be able to say YES to my sweet girls, my husband, and to myself a whole lot more in 2016 because I took a leap of faith and started my own business with Rodan + Fields. It’s time freedom WITH financial freedom. I’m in complete control of how I spend my time. It’s about what I choose now and not what’s chosen for me. And did I tell you I’m only 40!?!?

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