Want to shine like a diamond during the holiday season and all winter long?

winterize your skin with rodan + fields skin care products6 Tips to Winterize Your Skin using science based skincare is easy as leaving cookies for Santa.  It’s the holiday season and with all the parties to attend and friends and family we are going to see!  We want our skin looking fresh faced and flawless. However, being that we are stepping into winter and are losing our summer glow we need to switch it up a bit. Time to change our skin routine that may have worked well in the summer and fall.   A few tweaks is all you need so that it your skin will look just as good in the dry, cold winter months.

I have noticed that my skin flakes a lot in the winter months and after a few hours, it really shows through with my foundation. I needed to find a way to make my skin look just as good in the wintertime. I wanted my makeup to look good for hours, smooth and flawless. It starts with a good skin base and a great moisturizing tint.

The warm and dry air inside and the cold windy air outside make it difficult to maintain your skins balance and hydration during the winter. I have some simple tips that will get your skin looking fresher in time for your holiday events.



Lets talk about showing up as your best self

1.  Use a cool air humidifier as close as you can to your head while you are sleeping. This will help combat the drying effects of radiators and heaters in your room at night.

2. Increase your water intake from 6 glasses to 8-10 glasses per day in the winter. This will immediately improve your skin’s level of hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

3. Make changes to your beauty routine from fall to winter to help create a skin base that is smooth and ready.  Switch from a foaming cleanser (which can strip away oil from the skin) to a cream or gel-based product. This is a simple way to retain some healthy oil on the skin and to prevent dryness that leads to flaking under makeup. I can help you with that, several to chose from. http://www.pearson.myrandf.com

4. Anti-aging serum is a must!  Adding a serum to your regimen as a protective layer between your skin and the elements. I love Intensive Renewing Serum because it moisturizes but also contains retinal, (vitamin A) which smooths the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the rate of skin cell turnover.

5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I love, love, love the Redefine AM moisturizer rom the Anti-aging regimen. This rich moisturizing cream works to improve firmness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles for a smooth, youthful look.  It also has SPF 30 for sun protection which is key to keeping your youthful appearance. Learn  more on sunscreens check out my past blog post HERE

 6. Out of my 6 Tips to Winterize Your Skin using science based skincare this one is key! Give you skin a drink of water daily.  I am obsessed with my Active Hydration Serum  that not only gives my skin an amazing nourished look it  also contains hyaluronic Acid for fine lines and wrinkles – Win Win!!  But lets not stop at just hydration our face, lets keep all of our body smooth, nourished and wintered by adding Active Hydration Body Replenish.  Say bye bye to creepy skin!!

I am here to help you with any of your skin care goals or gift giving thru the holiday season and always.  Not sure where to start?  You can alway message me or start here to get your customized recommendation: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU!!




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