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Amazing Offer!  THIS WEEKEND ONLY, partner with me on this #LifeChangingSkincare journey and you will receive THREE (3) Travel-Sized Redefine regimens with your business kit! THREE!!! Keep one for yourself and use the others to start growing your business. AND…get our SOLD OUT Lash Boost only available in the kit too!
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Some people think that because they have a few friends selling R+F, it must be SATURATED – so let’s take a wider look at where the truth lies…
The number of total R+F consultants in the US AND Canada doesn’t even equal the total number of people in the lowest populated state in the U.S…which is Wyoming!
Right now Rodan+Fields only has approx. 250,000 consultants….and out of those consultants, less than HALF are actively working it.
We currently sell in the U.S. (326 Million people) and Canada (36 Million people), and we’ll be launching into Australia this year (25 million people)…and then…a new country for the next several consecutive years.
We are a DROP in the bucket! Every single person you know has skin and is aging, and every second there are new babies being born, which means one day they too will need these products.
We have to start thinking BIGGER. This is a legacy brand that I will be able to leave to my children, and my children’s children and so on!
So are we Saturated? NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.
When a BILLION dollar, GLOBAL brand, who just ranked #1 in all of North America, asks YOU if you want to partner with them… what are you going to say?



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