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It’s no secret that growing older can leave telltale signs on our skin (from age spots to crow’s feet and expression lines). But did you know that aging isn’t easy on eyelashes either?

Over a lifetime, lashes undergo serious changes of their own. The lash hair’s natural cycle shortens, meaning we start shedding eyelashes more often than we’d like. Eventually, the fabulous fringe that once framed our eyes becomes thinner and more brittle.

What if we gave our eyelashes the same care and attention as our skin? The reality is that you can get lush, longer-looking lashes by adding a simple step to your nightly skincare routine: R+F Lash Boost, the eyelash conditioning serum that moisturizes, nourishes and protects.

Panthenol conditions lashes by attracting and maintaining essential moisture. This goes a long way toward promoting lash flexibility and resilience.

Peptides also play a prominent role in Lash Boost. A combination of Octapeptides, Copper Tripeptides and Polypeptides enhance durability, protect against breakage and support more voluminous-looking eyelashes.

Last, but definitely not least, are Biotin and Keratin, two powerful protein-enhancers used in hair care. Together, these nourishing agents help protect against future damage (like the pulling and tugging that can result from our daily beauty routines).

This Multi-Med Therapy ingredient approach is at the heart of our R+F Lash Boost formula. After four weeks of nightly use, you can experience darker-looking, fuller-looking lashes. In eight weeks, you’ll be wondering whether you need mascara.

⭐The upper eyelid has 90 to 150 lashes, while the lower eyelid has about 70 to 80. Each individual eyelash is programmed to reach a certain length, fall out, and then re-grow.
⭐Each of your eyelashes goes through a predictable, approximate 3 month growth cycle:
1) Growth Phase:

The first stage of the eyelash cycle lasts between 30 and 45 days. If all our eyelashes were in the growth phase at the same time, then they’d all be on track to fall out at the same time! Approximately 40 percent of our upper lashes and 15 percent of our lower lashes are in the growth stage at any given time.
2) Transition phase: ?️?️
Once the lashes in the growth phase reach their designated length, which takes typically 14-21 days, they stop growing and the hair follicle shrinks. Should an eyelash fall out during this phase, it won’t begin growing back until the transition phase has run its course.
3) Resting phase: ??
In general, eyelashes have a life span of about 3 months, but can last more than 100 days before the eyelash falls out and a new one begins to grow. Because each individual lash is in its own phase of the growing cycle, it’s normal for a few lashes to fall out most days. It typically takes four to eight weeks to fully replace an eyelash.
⭐This is why it takes about 8-12 weeks to see your full results while using Lash Boost!
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