1. I do social media and word-of-mouth marketing for the doctors who created Proactiv. Their new company is poised to be a BILLION dollar brand very soon!
      2. I spend about a few hours/week doing it, usually when I’m out and about during the day and while the kids are in school.
      3. This is not a party company. I don’t buy, stock, or deliver product. Our business is run 100% online.
      4. My salary has steadily increased since I began this business and I’m starting to see SIGNIFICANT income having replaced my very strong corporate six figure income.

      1. This is not because I act like a “salesperson” — it is because we have products that work. They do what they are promised to do (and come with a 60 day money back guarantee!) and everyone is aging all of the time so people NEED and WANT our products!
      2. I can get someone started in any US city or APO address, Canada and soon to be Australia (largely because of #3 above). My team is rapidly expanding and our support and collaboration is pretty hard to beat.
      3. You do have to make a minimal start-up investment. I earned mine back in my second month in business and have been operating in the black ever since. And, there are several corporate programs designed to get your initial investment reimbursed TWICE by the company!
      4. We need profit centers all over the US. You can do this too. All it takes is wifi and a dream!
      5. Our company has just launched a new product (Lash Boost) and our growth has been unprecedented. Our 5 year product pipeline is full of amazing and innovative products. We are just getting started!!
      6. I don’t regret a single thing. This has been my best business decision ever!

If there’s a questioner ion I didn’t answer, let me know and we can set up a time to talk and/or meet. I’m planning on adding 2 people to my executive team this month. I hope it’s YOU!

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