Rodan + Fields – From smoothing the look of fine lines to boosting Longer looking lashes, fashion and beauty blogger Victoria Van Ness reveals why her daily devotion to Rodan + Fields is “the real deal”.

i’ll admit it, i buy into any and every beauty fad there is. top of the Sephora best sellers list? i’ll get it. Lauren Conrad swears by it? i’m snagging it up. your roommate’s best friend’s mom’s sister likes a face cream? sounds good enough to me, i’ll take two. it’s kind of a problem. i’ve always been a sucker when it comes to a good beauty product. Rodan + Fields has recently busted their way through the skincare scene and taken over. i was originally introduced to R+F by mom a few years ago and i never went back, neither has she! she was recommended R+F by her dermatologist when she couldn’t find anything to help with her skin issues. now, R+F is the only thing she puts on her face. thanks, derm’!

i use the ‘Redefine’ system as my major skin concern is fine lines. i’ve always had really thin skin, which means i’m prone to premature aging and wrinkles. what a life. the ‘Redefine Amp It Up’ special comes with the daily cleansing mask, pore minimizing toner, broad spectrum SPF 30, overnight restorative cream, and lastly, the micro exfoliating roller. don’t get overwhelmed, i’m going to break it all down for ya’.

the daily cleansing mask: use this day + night as a cleanser AND a mask! rinse, rub, and set for 2 minutes. gently rinse it off and move on to the toner.

pore minimizing toner: i love this toner because i’ve always had bigger pores on my nose and on the inner corner of my cheeks. it tightens the skin and tones, leaving me feeling fresh. there’s honestly a very few + far between list of things better than your skin after applying toner. apply the toner with a cotton pad and leave it on day + night.

triple defense treatment broad spectrum SPF 30: using SPF on your face every day is an essential for every gal or woman out there. as i said, i have really thin skin. if i don’t apply a SPF to my skin in the morning, the sun does it’s damage on my skin an before you know it… hellllllo wrinkles. use the SPF 30 every morning before applying make-up.

MD micro-exfoliating roller: if you haven’t hopped on the roller train – it’s time. R+F provides their very own with the Amp It Up special. start with using it 3 times a week after the toner, and then increase the use to every night if your skin can tolerate it. the micro-exfoliating roller uses tiny tips to exfoliate the top layer of your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and ready to absorb the remainder of products from the skincare regime.

overnight restorative cream: night creams the real MVP when it comes to skincare. don’t skip out on the night cream! your skin absorbs the most product when you’re sleeping. therefore, if you really want to see a change, you can’t be lazy, baby! after using the toner, massage the restorative cream over your skin. i really like to take my time with this step and pretend i’m giving myself a facial. you have to enjoy the little things in life.

lastly, the Lash Boost does not come with the Redefine Set, however, it’s worth the extra purchase. oh, how i love eyelash extensions but i’ve had to give them up. when i was near the end of my 4 weeks with extensions, they would fall out like crazy and take my real lashes with them! i started using the R+F lash boost to help make my lashes look longer!.. and it actually works. this post is NOT sponsored – i’m telling you lady to lady (she’s the man reference up in here) that this ‘ish is the real deal.

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