Obsessed is an understatement to describe how I feel about our newest product ? Active Hydration Serum ?!
I love how light this serum is and how dewy my skin feels after using it. I feel like I’ve just gotten a facial every day, and it looks as though I’ve just had a facial as well!
Think about this…grapes…what happens when you dehydrate them? You get raisins, right. Well, your skin cells are no different.
Dehydrated cells = dull and wrinkled.??Hydrated cells = plump and smooth. ??When we’re hydrated, our skin looks healthier, is more vibrant and is less prone to wrinkles. It’s a no brainer! ??
ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM is here! It increases skin’s moisture by 200% after the first use and keeps your skin hydrated all day with its time released formula. I am in LOVE with this stuff!
Got dry skin? Oily skin (and mistake oil for Hydration)? A little of both? Normal skin, sensitive skin, acne prone skin? Active Hydration is for YOU! Our patent pending formula adjusts to your specific skin type, and will make your skin look and even start to act younger.
PCs who order today will get a FREE essentials product or your choice. ?? if your not a PC and you get on my VIP list today you’ll receive a FREE essentials product when you order as well! ?
Active Hydration Serum



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